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Global Sustainable Infrastructure Services and Solutions

Renewable Energy

Evonergy is a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) consulting practice.  We work with national grids and local government to support and bolster their existing network. 

As the drive to secure and supply reliable sources or renewable energy grows across the globe, we are increasingly sought after for our expertise in the provision of sustainable infrastructure and consulting.

Microgrids, for example, combine renewable energy and storage to provide communities with clean and affordable power based on a resilient supply.  In turn, communities’ benefit from long term cost savings with the reduction of expensive diesel and utility costs, plus the prevention of interruptions to supply which cause blackouts.

In construction and physical structures that supply cities and communities with energy to function, there is typically the aim to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the capabilities of future generations.  At Evonergy we understand this dual demand and we work with you to achieve it. 

Collaborate with Evonergy and we will help you to plan, engineer, and construct sustainable infrastructure for today and tomorrow.  Whether that involves adopting a hybrid solution, installing solar power, or putting in place a microgrid we can help you.

Solar power

Today, solar power generators are cutting edge technology.  The cost of these generators has decreased and now can be utilised to replace diesel generators.  If you have a diesel generator or are looking to purchase one, take time to contrast and compare solar generators before you decide.

Solar power is free for life.  It may have a higher upfront cost and as a one-time investment, the upfront costs can seem overwhelming at first.  However, when coupled with the long 20-year life of solar generators it soon becomes clear that solar is a cheaper source of power.

Diesel generators are an increasingly costly way to produce electricity.  This makes solar generators a strong option for electricity production to replace diesel generation sets.

Hybrid solutions

If you find the cost of a solar generator out of reach, hybrid generators can be a good solution. These rely on solar energy to produce the bulk of the electricity, using a backup battery and diesel generator to make up the difference.

The amount of electricity produced by the diesel generator depends on your budget, but in most cases, the diesel generator does not have to supply any load. This is due to the solar generator portion of the system, which will take care of the electricity requirement.


  • Provides power quality, reliability, and security for end-users and operators of the grid
  • Protect against diesel supply constraints and price changes
  • Reduce energy costs and use of diesel for generation
  • Enhances the integration of distributed and renewable energy sources
  • Cost competitive and efficient
  • Lower maintenance costs by reducing generator run hours
  • Enables smart grid technology integration
  • Locally controlled power quality
  • Minimize carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by maximising clean local energy generation
  • Increased customer (end-use) participation.
building sustainable infrastructures
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